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Who We Are

Diane Lupke & Associates, Inc. is an economic development consultancy, founded by Diane C. Lupke in 1990 after work in academia, government, and banking. Lupke specializes in industrial restructuring and economic transition for strong companies and healthy communities.


Specialized Knowledge:

Our Team

The Lupke Core Team is made up of senior economic development practitioners with strengths in three key areas: economic restructuring, knowledge economy; and econometrics.

Diane C. Lupke, CEcD FM HLM

Diane C. Lupke, CEcD FM HLM

Diane Lupke has more than thirty years of experience as President of Diane Lupke & Associates, Inc., an economic development consulting firm.

Ronald C. Kysiak, FM HLM

Ronald C. Kysiak, FM HLM

Ronald Kysiak is a Principal Consultant for Diane Lupke & Associates, Inc., and has been an economic development professional for 40 years.

Nick Dean, AIA

Nick Dean, AIA

Nick Dean has been an Associate Consultant since 2017. Dean has practiced architecture in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex for the past nine years, dedicated to the "art of construction" with award-winning works from the Texas Society of Architects, National Association of Home Builders, and Senior Housing News. 

Jerry Szatan

Jerry Szatan

Jerry Szatan has been a Senior Associated Consultant since 2014. Szatan is Founder and Principal of Szatan & Associates. He has thirty years experience in site selection, economic development, and real estate investing in the United States and abroad. 

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Our Philosophy

At Diane Lupke & Associates, Inc. we believe innovation, creativity, and agility work in any economy, which is why we specialize in asset-based and market-tested solutions for communities in economic transition. 

The Lupke philosophy embraces economic development that builds wealth, not just relocates it. Business recruitment, enterprise creation, and job development are highly targeted to link existing businesses and resident skills with mature and emerging regional cluster activity. 

To further that aim, Diane Lupke & Associates has developed particular expertise in identifying niche talents and technology-driven opportunities within which micro-clusters of similar businesses can flourish and fuel growth. This leads to new business creation, neighborhood investment, and greater wealth for the community and the region.

My work is economic development… helping communities to respond to the challenges of changing economic environments. Working in government, banking, academia, and as a consultant for more than 30 years gives me an unusual insider/outsider perspective. Long-term economic change can mean a world of hurt for many businesses and working families and cloud the view of what is possible. A different perspective can cut through the clouds to see potential in any challenge.

Diane C Lupke CEcD FM HLM

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