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What We Do

At Diane Lupke & Associates, Inc., we specialize in helping communities rocked by rapidly changing economic forces to find their niche in the economy. 

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We Build Impactful Organizations

Diane Lupke & Associates, Inc. helps you to build impactful organizations by choosing the right leadership, attaining financial security, and enabling more complex and impactful economic development work. 

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We Enable Economic Discovery

Diane Lupke & Associates, Inc. enables more complete and success-relevant economic discovery through econometrics, commercial and industrial markets analysis, and elements of design thinking. 


We Create Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

At Diane Lupke & Associates, Inc. we create entrepreneurial ecosystems by identifying cluster opportunities, uncovering local talent, and facilitating regional connectivity.

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“We support and shape communities by building impactful organizations, enabling economic discovery, and fostering entrepreneurial ecosystems.”

- Diane Lupke & Associates, Inc.

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